Singsing Waterfall ,Bali, Indonesia

Address -: Singsing Waterfall ,Tigawasa, Banjar, Buleleng Regency, Bali, Indonesia

Singsing Waterfalls are located in Banjar Labuhan aji, Temukus Village, districtof Banjar,Buleleng regency, north Bali, more or less three kilometers west of Lovina. Car and motorbike parking facilities are built large enough and operated by village community near the water falls. There are also small shops, restaurants and villas around the area of Singsing waterfalls.
Singsing Waterfall is one of North Bali’s hidden treasures, which is a great option for nature lovers and those with a penchant for adventure while staying around Lovina Beach or the capital of Singaraja. The waterfall is located up in the forested hills of the Cempaga village in Banjar, some 50km west of the town hub and main beach resort areas. Reaching the site requires a 20-minute trek on foot, starting at the rural neighbourhood and along a moderate forest trail.
Its name roughly translates to ‘daybreak waterfall’. Although not very high or large when compared to other popular waterfalls found throughout Bali’s central highlands, the whole site of Singsing Waterfall offers a pleasant respite. 

Best time to visit -: October through April

Location -: