Marmala Waterfalls ,Kerala ,India

Address -: Marmala Waterfalls ,Marmala Rd, Vellani, Erattupetta, Kerala ,India

Marmala Waterfall lies a few kilometres away from Erattupetta, in Kottayam district, Kerala, India inside a private estate. It is exactly  8 km from Teekoy. The road from Mangalagiri to Marmala Waterfall is currently under construction and solling is completed recently only. Once reaching the base station, one has to trek through the estate over the slippery rocky path inorder to reach the waterfalls. Marmala waterfall is about 60 metres in height, falling into a 12-meter deep pool and joins the River Teekoy way down.
Distance from Erattupetta to Marmala water falls is just few kilometers. This kerala tourist spot is not very popular, may be due to the 1 kilometer non vehicle availability is the published the most popular and complete list of kerala waterfalls. 

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