Lily Waterfall ,Ampefy, Madagascar

Address -: Lily Waterfall ,AmpefyAmpefy 118, Madagascar

The Lili waterfalls are powerful and noisy that can heard hundreds of meters around Falls of Lili are located in the resort of Antafofo Ampefy which is a locality of Antananarivo. Lili waterfall is 23 metres high.

Lily Waterfall or Les Chutes de la Lily is a waterfall full of legend located near the village of Ampefy. Four and a half kilometres west of Ampefy there is a junction with the sign to Lily Waterfalls on the left side of the road. From there a dirt road in poor condition leads another five kilometres to the waterfall, passing green farmland, numerous fields and a small village. Volcanic hills similar to those in a fantasy Teletubbies landscape frame the surrounding area.
After a 1.5-hour walk one reaches the idyllic village of Antafofo, which lies directly at the powerful, 23 metres high waterfall. The village offers several small Malagasy restaurants. A tiny watermill supplies parts of Antafofo with electricity. Women and children offer carved volcanic rocks as souvenirs. There is a visitors fee of 2,000 Ariary per person and a parking fee of 1,000 Ariary per car. Next to the car parking area there is a small shop.

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