Deroc waterfall ,Lozere ,France

Address -: Déroc waterfall ,Lozère ,48260 Nasbinals, France

The Déroc waterfall is a waterfall in the department of Lozère and is one of the most remarkable natural sites of Aubrac . It is formed by the outlet of the lake of Salhiens which rushes from the top of a basaltic cliff (corresponding to an old lava flow) and falls 32 m lower.Breathtaking views of the Marchastel region with, in the background, the vast expanses of the granite Aubrac lozérien.There, the tributary of Bes and the waters of Lake Salhiens rush from the basalt rim under which a cave has formed. This cave discovered by Dr. Pruniere was to serve as a refuge for highway robbers. Its ceiling consists of large basaltic prisms remarkable for their geometry.
The waterfall is visited by a pedestrian path that starts from the D52 road or "lakes road" and ends at the top of the cliff. The site is not secure, the risk of falling from the top of the cliff is real and should be particularly careful. However, you can reach the foot of the waterfall by a very rugged path that bypasses the cliff on the left when arriving.

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