Conrayaro Waterfall ,San Blas ,Ecuador

Address -: Conrayaro Waterfall ,Iruguincho , San Blas ,Imbabura  , Ecuador

It is located 1.8 km from the resort of Timbuyacu following a path through the Andean forest. This waterfall is a fall of approximately 25m in height of the Huarmiyacu River   and is at a height of 2948msnm. It is an important place of distraction for tourists coming from the Timbuyacu spa, it is also one of the main waterfalls of the entire canton.
The resort of Timbuyacu is located in the community of Irunguncho, province of Imbabura. The place is known and visited by the hot springs that it has. Those who visit them claim to believe in the healing power of the thermal baths. The temperature of these waters goes from 20 ° C and are rich in iron and minerals.
This spa is surrounded by a great diversity of flora and fauna. Account with a primary forest with trees of guayabos, laurel, arrayán among others. And for those who enjoy watching animals, they will appreciate a variety of birds such as woodpeckers. Deer, soches and other species are easy to find in the surroundings.
After visiting the hot springs you can rent a horse and take a trip to the waterfalls. To get there you must ascend through the forest. After 45 minutes of the pools you can enjoy the waterfalls of Conrayaro, Ayapapundo and Altanero. The first ones are recognized as being those of the Paila del Diablo.

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