Aigrettes waterfall, Reunion

Address  -: Aigrettes waterfall ,Saint-Gilles-Les-Bains, Reunion

The steep, rocky landscapes and abundance of rivers gives rise to lots of waterfalls and cascades on Reunion.Normally you have to go the extra mile to hunt them down, but there’s one just down the road in Saint-Paul that is effortless to get to.The Bassin des Aigrettes is a waterfall with gossamer shafts of water plunging into a clear deep blue pool.
You can’t swim in the water because of the risk of rock-falls.
It is between St Gilles les Bains and St Gilles le Haut.From St Gilles les Bains, take the direction of the Theater de Plein Air, then after having passed it, 500 m after, it will be necessary to park just after a snack on the right along the road, not far from the Aigrettes bus stop.
A 15 minute walk from the road, you walk alongside a small canal towards the waterfall. You get up close to the spectacular waterfall. It's not particularly high bit is worth the visit if staying near St Gilles and have a little time.

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