Agoyan Waterfall ,Tungurahua ,Ecuador

Address -: Agoyán Waterfall ,Baños, Tungurahua ,Ecuador

Agoyan Waterfall is the cascade highest Andes EcuadorianIt is located approximately 7 km from the city of Baños. It is formed by the waters of the Pastaza River that sink 61 meters into a ravine located in the Western Cordillera.
In 1987 , the Ecuadorian government inaugurated the Agoyán hydroelectric plant, which has been part of the country's electricity network since then. The plant was built upstream of the waterfall, in order to preserve it.
In the city Baños de Agua Santa city, you can have an encounter with nature. If you go from Guayaquil to Baños, you can take a bus from the “Flota Imbabura” cooperative at the terrestrial terminal which cost $ 12 travel time is 5 hours. To visit this city is enough 2 days. So that you can stay at Hotel normaly has a cost of $9 per person per day approx. and in that price is included a breakfast. The service offered at this place is excellent. In this place you can do the Waterfalls Tour. To make the trip is advisable to go with comfortable clothes and sports shoes and in some cases wear a coat. Starting with "Cascada Agoyan" in which you can do canopy and pass through the tarabita, and in the other side of the 
road there is a cottage with a suspension bridge and a pool for fishing “Trucha”.

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