Agaya Gangai waterfalls ,Tamil Nadu ,India

Address -: Agaya Gangai waterfalls , Kolli Hills ,Eastern Ghats ,Ariyurnadu , Namakkal ,Tamil Nadu ,India

Agaya Gangai waterfalls are located in Kolli Hills of the Eastern Ghats. Panchanathi, a jungle stream, cascades down as the Agaya Gangai (En:Ganges of Sky), near the Arapaleeswarar temple atop the Kolli Hills in Namakkal district, Tamil Nadu.It is a 300 feet (91 m) waterfall of the river Aiyaru situated close to Arapaleeswarar temple. It is located in a valley that is surrounded by mountains on all sides.
We need to climb down 1050 steps to see the full view of Agaya Gangai. The water falls with the full force and we need to approach the bottom of the falls using a rope only. Take a relaxing but also risky bath in the falls.
At a distance of 1 km trek from Sri Arappaleeswarar Swamy Temple at Ariyurnadu, 55 km from Namakkal, 92 km from Salem, 138 km from Trichy and 400 km from Chennai, Agaya Gangai or Akasa Ganga waterfall is located in Kolli Hills of the Eastern Ghats. The location is ideal for trekking and the breeze is pleasant. The water of the falls is considered to contain medicinal properties due to the varieties of medicinal herbs grown across the forest which makes it a natural spa. People here believe that taking bath in the water cures many diseases. Owing to this attribute, people from nearby areas take bath in the water so as to cure their diseases.
To reach the waterfall visitors have to walk down through 1300 steps which takes around 45 minutes one way. There is another route from Puliancholai, which takes about five hours trek to reach the falls. This route runs through dense forest and mountain regions. This trekking route is a difficult path and suitable for experienced trekkers.
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