Wallace Falls ,WA ,USA

Address -: Wallace Falls ,14503 Wallace Lake Rd, Gold Bar, WA 98251, USA

Wallace Falls (middle Wallace Falls) falls is 367-foot (112 m) in height. Wallace Falls (deriving its name from Kwayaylsh, surname of the first homesteaders in the area) trail is in great condition. Although the park sees a lot of foot traffic due to its popularity.
Wallace Falls is set of nine different cataracts in all which are well worth the hike up. The hike is short enough for a day time picnic outing. But, be prepared to get a little exercise as it is a 1200 foot elevation gain up to the falls. On the trail, you'll find many examples of Cascade regional flora and fauna as well as some old growth forest. The trailhead is easy to find with public bathrooms and drinking water available. The path and well marked with bridges and nicely railed vista platforms to view the falls. There is also a covered picnic area when you reach the bottom falls. It is recommended to only take kids that are over 4 years old or very athletic. A lot of people stop at the picnic area to turn around and go back. However, if you hike the next mile, you'll get to see all of the upper falls which are quite beautiful. The one problem with this trail is that it is very popular and you will encounter others along the way.

Best time to visit -: April until November

Location -: