Wadi El Rayan Falls ,Faiyum Governorate, Egypt

Address -: Wadi El Rayan Falls ,Izbet Farahat - Wadi Ar-Rayyan ,Faiyum Governorate, Egypt ,Africa

Wadi El Rayan Falls height is 10m and width is 6-10m.Waterfall has formed on some 7 km long stream which connects two lakes - Upper and Lower Wadi El Rayan lakes. Both lakes and stream between them are located below the sea level - Upper lake is 14 m below the sea level but Lower lake - 36 m below it.
These lakes were formed by human activity: there was a need to divert the excess agricultural drainage water from Faiyum oasis and it was decided that El Rayan depression would be suitable for this. Works were started in 1974 and there was built a system of water tunnels and channels.
Water at first reached the Upper lake but then a stream flew towards a deeper part of depression, forming there another lake. As the course of the stream was eroded, there were exposed natural rocks and waterfalls formed over them.

Unfortunately there is no public transportation to Wadi El Rayan.By car, one can take the road along the southern shore of Lake Qarun to its western end. The road is very interesting with some amazing scenery. The turnoff to the left for Wadi El Rayan is 28 kilometers west of the Panorama Hotel. It is well marked by a large overhead sign. The road, despite an occasional twist and dogleg, heads south, and in 8.5 kilometers one reaches the entrance gate to the Wadi El Rayan Protected area. The gate is not always staffed, but if it is, one must buy a ticket here for one's vehicle and each occupant. After passing through the gate, one will suddenly find one's self in a clean wide open desert, which becomes more beautiful, with sculpted yellow dunes, the further south one travel.Fourteen kilometers from the entrance gate a desert track to the left leads down to the waterfalls. There, one should park and continue continue by foot to the waterfalls and a couple of cafeterias. Along the way to the waterfalls.

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