Vera Falls ,Malinao, Albay, Philippines

Address -: Vera Falls ,Malinao, Albay, Philippines

Vera Falls is a stunning cascade nestled at the foot of Mt Malinao in the province of Albay is home to the spectacular Vera Water Falls, a highly recommended eco-tourism site in Albay. Found at the bottom of a ravine in Barangay Bulang, the main water fall drops approximately 25 meters into a clarion blue lagoon (approx. 2m deep). 
More water flows through narrow caverns within the earth and escapes out of the surrounding rock formations and into the pool, creating an awesome ambiance and a sense of hidden paradise. A visit to Vera Falls is truly a feast for the soul. 
 Its refreshing cold water flows down from the verdant mountain and meanders into the rivers and streams irrigating rice fields on the plains near the idyllic pastoral town of Malinao.  The falls are about 8 kilometers from Tabaco City, an hour and a half drive from Legaspi City and about 45 minutes drive from Ligao City via Sabloyon Road.

Best time to visit -: Summer

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