Valara Waterfalls ,Kerala ,India

Address -: Valara Waterfalls ,NH 49, Chillithodu, Kerala ,India

Valara waterfall is often mentioned together with Cheeyappara fall. They both are road side attractions of Cochin – Munnar highway. However, the distance between them is about 12 kms.
Unlike Cheeyappara, Valara fall is not right next to the road. It is not too far either. Located about 50 metres or a bit more from the highway, can be seen in its full glory right from the road.
The beautiful Cheeyappara waterfall cascades down in seven steps and meet the Valara Waterfalls in the most amazing manner to create a glorious sight. A lot of tourists prefer visiting this place on their way back from Munnar as it lies on the main highway and can be spotted very easily between the lush green trees spread everywhere. It is a chain of waterfalls in the Deviyar River that originates from the Western Ghats.
Valarakuthu, the location of the waterfall, is about 23 kms past Neriyamangalam, if you are travelling from Cochin to Munnar or Thekkady.
After Neriyamangalam, the ghat road begins. Soon you will come across Cheeyappara, which is right next to the road. About 12 kms after Cheeyappara, you will hear the roaring noise again. Stop the car there; otherwise you may miss the waterfall since it is a bit off the road.
The hill station town of Adimali is just about 7 kms from Valarakuthu.

Best time to visit -: Through out the year

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