Vaipo Waterfall ,French Polynesia

Address -: Vaipo Waterfall , Nuku Hiva, Marquesas ,French Polynesia

Vaipo Waterfall (also Ahuii or Ahuei) is a waterfall on the island of Nuku Hiva, in the Marquesas of French Polynesia. It is a horsetail-type waterfall with a single drop of height 1148 ft (350 m), making it the tallest waterfall in Polynesia outside of New Zealand and Hawaii.
The stream at the falls is approximately 3 m wide, although in rainy periods it might become much larger but sometimes it disappears altogether.
The waterfall is accessed by a walk from Hakaui through phantastic landscape adorned with incredibly tall, nearly vertical cliff pinnacles (many are more than 550 m tall!) and lush rainforest. There are many smaller waterfalls seen along the way, if the weather is not dry. The walk starts in the majestic Hakaui Valley and then continues in a giant side ravine - Vaipo Canyon.
Mysterious stone sculptures and countless stone platforms in the shaded forest add to the effect - this island was densely inhabited before the coming of Europeans and their illnesses.
When accessing the falls from below, they look like a true miracle - it seems that the water is falling directly from the saddle between two rock pinnacles. Only from the air is visible the plateau where the stream originates.

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