Ucansu Waterfalls ,Antalya, Turkey

Address -: Uçansu Waterfalls ,Kozan Mahallesi, 07541 Serik/Antalya, Turkey

Uçansu Waterfalls is 57 km to the center of Antalya and 54 km to Serik. distance. Of course the distances do not surprise you because Uçansu Şelaleri is located almost in the middle and uppermost of the centers of Antalya and Serik when you face the map. The height from the sea level is 400 meters.

"Waterfalls" in the form of plural because of the two waterfalls in the region called the Upper and Lower Uçuşu named as the people are named as Flying 1 and Flying 2. Up to 70 meters, the lower one is poured into the Alara Brook at 51.5 meters. The waterfalls are formed in the place where the Alara creek went underground in the journey to the Mediterranean. The basin where the tea was found was selected as the "most livable area in the world" by the World Health Organization in 2006. So when you go to the area where the waterfalls are, you are also part of an internationally recognized wonder of nature at the same time.
Access to the Uluansu waterfalls is not so easy and it is not too difficult to scare the eye. Go to Antalya, Serik highway Abdurrahmanlar - Gebiz turnstile and reach the village of Akçapınar, you will see the sign of Uçansu Waterfall. After reaching the village of Akçapınar, it can be reached via a land route of approximately 20 kilometers, so it would be a better choice to go with a 4-wheel drive vehicle. This recipe, of course, is for those who want to come with a special tool. In Antalya and Belek, the companies that organize the events in Uçansu Waterfalls.

Best time to visit -: April - Aug.

Location -: