Tzararacua Waterfall, Michoacan, Mexico

Address -: Tzararacua Waterfall ,Carretera Federal 37, Uruapan, Mich., Mexico

The waterfall of the Tzararacua is an impressive natural spectacle of the fall of more than 8 thousand liters per second of water from the "Cupatitzio River" that plummets from 50 meters above the surface. rocks of volcanic origin in a deafening roar, in addition to fabulous viewpoints to appreciate the exuberant vegetation that surrounds the deep ravine.

These waterfalls are definitely worth a visit. The river that runs through the national park in the center of Uruapan creates the falls farther downstream.Its route is more than 3 kilometers of stairs and paths surrounded by orchids.The steep rock slopes offer a general view of the surrounding forest, during the rainy months the waterfall wakes up in the haze and fog in the slopes of the hills, everywhere you see the runoff of water that seeps between the rocks and sneaks into the foliage of the trees, squirrels and other mammals abound in the first 500 meters of the descent to the waterfall and the orchids in Flowering stand out among the colorful foliage of the oaks.There are 2 ways to get to the bottom of the canyon. Via a lengthy walk down the 557 (approx.) slippery steps leads to the falls framed in foliage or, if you're an old, you can rent a horse. The old nag tripped and slipped a couple of times on the way down, but it is definitely worth it.

Best time to visit -: July - Oct.

Location -: