Tomata Waterfall ,Veracruz, Mexico

Address -: Tomata Waterfall (Cascada La Tomata),México 131, Veracruz, Mexico 
The tomata cascades are located in the Alseseca River, near the city of Tlapacoyan, in the state of Veracruz. But there is also a conflict Between the limits of Tlapacoyan and Atazalan is born the waterfall La Tomata, a place with an imposing beauty that has become the perfect paradise for those who practice adventure sports.This waterfall is flat water passes in 90 degrees to a 23m free fall. 

The Alseseca River feeds this waterfall ,Surrounded by a landscape full of tropical vegetation. To get there, you can take a second truck that goes to Altotonga, get off at La Tomata bridge and walk about 300 meters and you're done, The entrance has a symbolic cost.

Best time to visit -: Oct. -Nov.

Location -: