Tatlıca Waterfalls ,Sinop province ,Turkey

Address -: Tatlıca Waterfalls ,Erfelek district ,Sinop province ,Turkey

There are a lot of waterfalls of all sizes at Erfelek waiting to be discovered by visitors. The best time to visit the waterfalls is between May and November when it is possible to camp at the valley where waters fall at Karasu River for the last time.

The first waterfall falls to the Karasu River from a hight for 15 m and has a outstanding view with its environment. If you follow the river to the upper side and pass some cascades you will face a second waterfall. If you are enough determined to keep going, you will be rewarded with a excellent view of multiple waterfalls.
Administratively, Tatlıca Waterfalls are in the rural area of Ayancık ilçe (district ) of Sinop Province. But the shortest road to the waterfalls is via Erfelek ilçe and they are considered as a part of Erfelek. At 41°50′10″N 34°46′44″E its distance to Erfelek is 17 kilometres (11 mi), to Sinop is 42 kilometres (26 mi) and to Ayancık is 86 kilometres (53 mi). The road from Erfelek to the waterfalls runs along the west coast of Erfelek Dam reservoir and offer beautiful scenery to visitors.

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