Tao waterfall ,North Province, New Caledonia

Address -: Tao waterfall ,Reserve du Mt Panie, North Province, New Caledonia

The waterfall of Tao is not very far from its neighbor of Colnett but depends on the commune of Hienghène. 100 meters high, it is accessible except in rainy weather. 
Coming from the south, a few minutes after the ferry crossing from Ouaième, after the umpteenth little bridge spanning one of the countless rivers hurtling down the abrupt sides of the mountain, the Tao waterfall can be seen in all its majestic glory on your left. Spectacle and sensation.
To join, follow the sign and the path to wait, in a few minutes, the beautiful natural pool, where swimming is enjoyable. A signposted path, sometimes sporty, then leads you to the site in one hour return. The terrain can be slippery and steep, but the view from the summit reveals the wonders of the lagoon. The Tao River, which rises in the heart of Mount Panié, is dotted with waterfalls higher than the others.

Best time to visit -: Summer (avoid Rainy season as the flow of water is high)

Location -: