Tangle Falls ,Alberta, Canada

Address -: Tangle Falls ,Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Tangle Falls may be the most commonly photographed waterfall along the Icefields Parkway due to its incredibly easy access. Tangle Falls are located so close to the Icefields Parkway that the water spray is frequently blown across the road. Time your visit so that you arrive either early morning or early evening in order to avoid the crowds. Although this is far from being the largest waterfall in Jasper National Park, its unique appearance, combined with its very easy access, ensures that it draws large numbers of visitors.The falls spray 114 feet in as many as half a dozen braids down a broad cliff before consolidating and dropping over three more consecutive tiers of 14, 18 and 13 feet respectively, then funneling under the Icefields Parkway via a culvert.
Tangle Falls can be found along the Icefields Parkway about 6 ½ kilometers north of the Columbia Icefields Center and about a kilometer south of the Stutfield Glacier viewpoint in Jasper National Park.

Best time to visit -: May to August

Location -: