Soteapan waterfall ,Veracruz, Mexico

Address -: Soteapan waterfall ,Uisd Pita Mangana Rd/ Watson Complex, Soteapan ,Los Tuxtlas region ,North of Santa María Veracruz, Mexico

The Soteapan waterfall is a true natural jewel of the state of Veracruz, so it is worth visiting. Fall of water from 42 meters high (approx).
Soteapan waterfall is just 20 minutes from the municipal seat and is one of the greatest natural beauties in southern Veracruz.
To get there, first you have to reach the municipal seat of Sopean and in the first street of the entrance, turn left, there will be people who will guide you to the earthly paradise, a magical place, which will surely make you return .

You go down about 150 steps, but from the first, you start to observe all that hidden nature, the decoration of the place, you will love it and for 40 pesos, you can enjoy endless hours of fun, as a family, as a couple or with whomever you like. accompanied.
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