Quiqui Falls ,Cerro Banco ,Soloy, Panama

Address -:  Quiqui Falls (Kiki falls) ,Cerro Banco ,Soloy, Panama

Panama's tallest waterfall, Sendero Chorro de Kiki, is in located in the protected Comarca region, near Cerro Banco. It's impossible to find the waterfalls without a local guide.Quiqui Falls (Kiki falls) is Around 113m high (appprox.). This beautiful waterfall has an excellent tourist potential within the local area due to the lush vegetation that surrounds this destination and the different species of animals that you will find in the region.

 It is 4-5 hours roundtrip,The trail involves descending a canyon via a piece of rope until you reach the bottom and once there you can bathe in the refreshing waters.  The hike itself is not generally intensive, however the descent is not for the fainthearted.  This journey can also be made with horses  a memorable way to experience the landscape.

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