Pita waterfall ,Sangolquí ,Quito, Ecuador

Address -: Pita waterfall ,Sangolquí ,Quito, Ecuador

This last option will take you to the Gran Cascada del Pita , which has an approximate height of 60 meters. You will also find assigned areas for camping and a restaurant.Located 15 km from Sangolquí. It is a unique place, where you can rejoice and admire the magnificence of nature. In the middle of imposing canyons you can recreate with the beautiful ecosystem of flora and fauna with species typical of the high parts of the Andean region. The tour offers three options called the small, the medium and the great adventure.
To go to this destination you have to take the motorway to the valley of the Chillos and reach Sangolquí (2533m S 00 ° 20.002'W 78 ° 26.416') and from there to the circle of "El Colibrí". You have to continue on the road to Pintag and turn right on the second street, from there onwards there are signs that point the way.
This road takes us through Cashapamba and then to Loreto, after about 40 minutes to reach the entrance (2930m S 00 ° 25.089'W 78 ° 24.078'), where you can leave the car with tranquility as there are guards in the sector. A short walk of 15 minutes leads you to the start of the self-guided trails.

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