Passage Falls ,Emigrant, Montana ,Canada

Address -: Passage Falls ,Emigrant, Montana ,Canada

Passage Falls is a massive, powerful waterfall that leaps over moss-covered rocks straight down to the narrow canyon’s rocky floor. The trail to Passage Falls parallels Passage Creek. A side trail branches off to see the falls. The Wallace Creek Trail and Passage Creek Trail take off together as the same trail but separate upstream.Standing beneath the falls, a whirlwind of mist covers you. The mist clings to anything that isn’t already wet, and the roar of the falls deafens you. Looking up, it’s hard to imagine how many hundreds of gallons of water are pouring over the falls, or how this waterfall managed to drastically change the volcanic outcrops that you cling to. Passage Creek beneath the falls becomes a torrent, as the water rushes out of the narrow valley.

The trail begins at the bridge where Mill Creek and Passage Creek join together. Once over Mill Creek, continue south to another wooden bridge crossing over Passage Creek. At one mile the trail crosses a stream with a small waterfall and cascade. After a second stream, the forested trail emerges into a small meadow, then ducks back into the forest canopy.

Best time to visit -: May -Oct.

Location -: