Muradiye Waterfall ,Muradiye district ,Turkey

Address -: Muradiye Waterfall , Görecek Mahallesi ,Van province, Muradiye district ,Turkey
Muradiye Waterfall , Van province, Muradiye district, the waterfall on the Bendimahi Stream .
The waterfall falls from different heights. The highest decline is 18 m in the center, 15-16 m in the east and west. The lower surface of the waterfall was determined as 77 m and the upper fall area as 36 m. It does not make a significant giant win . The young, hard basalt mass that falls over the waterfall is the cause of the waterfall
The name of Baghdad to the Sultan IV. It 's from Murat . The height of the waterfall is 18 m. It attracts not only the beauty of the waterfall but also the surrounding vegetationMuradiye is located 8 km north of the district center. The Bendimahi Stream, which is composed of the water that combines in Çaldiran Stream, flows through the narrow and deep Sending Strait and reaches the Muradiye plain. The throat is formed on young volcanic rocks. Bosphorus occurs in the valley of Bendbaşı.
Muradiye Waterfall located in Muradiye district of Van center is 80 km away from the city center. It is possible to travel to the Muradiye Waterfalls, which is visited by local and foreign tourists of all seasons of the year, with your own car and bus. Muradiye Waterfall; You can go in one hour with Muradiye cars (8 TL) which depart from the district terminal located in the center of Van Akköprü. It is also possible to take the buses (8 TL) on the new road. You can also go with your own car. Muradiye Waterfalls, 20 km ahead is the right turn at the sign after about 60 km from Muradiye Waterfalls way to the Van Ercis from reaching you may not be.Before arriving at the Muradiye Waterfall, you will make a wonderful journey through the waters that flow from the Bendi Mahi Stream to the mountains that resemble the small waterfall.
Best time to visit -: Summer Season
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