Kimsa Waterfall ,Quito ,Ecuador

Address -: Kimsa Waterfall ,Los Chillos Valley Quito , Quito 170150, Ecuador

Located in the Rumiñahui canton, 15 kilometers from Sangolquí in the  Molinuco Ecological Reserve .Of singular beauty because in the upper part a triple division of its waters is formed, hence its name, which in Quichua means "three" . The trek through the path until reaching the waterfall lasts approximately 40 minutes. The approximate height of the waterfall is 60 meters. Depending on the time and position of the sun you can see a beautiful rainbow of intense colors , which forms in the lower part of this waterfall.
Refugio Ecológico Molinuco, is a tourist resort located in the province of Pichincha, just 30 minutes from Sangolquí, located on the eastern bank of the Pita River, dedicated to ecotourism, is a natural site of eucalyptus, waterfalls, streams and springs.
To get to this natural attraction, we start from Sangolquí, from the place known as El Colibrí, Cashapamba sector. Going through Antonio Tandazo street you reach the Loreto neighborhood, from this place 7 km away, following the cobblestone road we will reach the ample parking and facilities of the Refugio Molinuco.
You can reach it in the following way:
1) Quito, San Rafael, Sangolquí (sector El Colibrí), Cashapamba, Loreto, Molinuco.
2) Quito, San Rafael, Sangolquí (sector El Colibrí), Cashapamba, Pintag, Santo Domingo neighborhood of Ichubamba, Hacienda Patichubamba, Molinuco.

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