Karaoluk ciseli waterfall, Ordu, Turkey

Address -: Karaoluk ciseli waterfall, Karaoluk Mahallesi, 52000 Altınordu/Ordu, Turkey

Çiseli waterfall spilling from 6 meters flows in summer and winter. There are three smaller waterfalls below. You can swim in the natural lake in depth of three meters in front of you. Two miles. There is also a farm where you can eat trout in the distance. Center.
Çiseli Waterfall, one of the touristic places of the army, was one of the places where local and foreign tourists wished to cool off with the increase of the air temperatures. 
Reflecting the unique beauty of nature, the Black Sea is a center of attraction for the citizens who get upset with hot air in summer. 

Exit from the Fatsa / Ordu highway directly located at the mouth of the Nefise Akçelik Tunnel (Ordu side) and follow the signs to the Village of Kirli.  From the Village of Kirli you will turn up hill towards the road that runs above the entrance to the tunnel.  Turning left, follow the signs to the Village of Karaoluk.  There are signs to the falls in the village.

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