Jerry Falls ,Oregon ,USA

Address -:Jerry Falls ,Upper Henline Creek ,North Fork ,Marion County ,Oregon ,USA

The first waterfall is the most spectacular — Jerry Falls, at 79 feet. It marks the beginning of the most rewarding part of the trip.
Clues about the location are whispered between friends, a secret known only to those willing to bushwhack into a canyon of high cliffs and thick forest deep in the Opal Creek Wilderness.
After some tricky navigating, you drop into a mossy grotto below Dave Falls. In this lush, cool slot canyon, it really does feel as though you’re sitting in the old world, a place untouched and unexplored.
Almost five decades ago this spring, a Salem barber named Maynard Drawson became the first person to document these waterfalls on upper Henline Creek in the Little North Santiam canyon east of Salem.
The first trick is to find the unofficial trail, which shoots almost straight up the hillside to the top of Henline Falls. This route weaves among boulders in an area burned by last year’s Henline Fire. From here, it’s a choose-your-own adventure.

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