Falling Spring Falls ,Virginia ,USA

Address -: Falling Spring Falls ,Hot Springs Rd, Covington ,Virginia ,USA

The Falling Spring Falls is a "remarkable cascade...falling over a rock about 200 feet to the valley below."  One of the largest falls in Virginia, it cascades from an overhanging ledge, and is easily visible from the roadway. Waterfall is located in Alleghany County near Covington, Virginia. Stuff Route 220, Covington, VA 24426 into your GPS and it should get you there.
The stream rises in Warm River Cave, located on private property about a mile away. The water at its source, a mixture of warm thermal spring water and cold ground water, is approximately 85 degrees Farenheit year round and is rich in carbonate. As the stream flows out of the cave, it releases carbon dioxide, causing the water to become superaturated with carbonate. When the stream spills over the ledge at Falling Spring Falls, even more carbon dioxide is released, and the carbonate precipitates and is deposited as a type of limestone called travertine. The beautiful, fragile terraces of travertine below the falls are visible from the overlook.
Traveling West on I-64 through Virginia, get off at the Covington, VA Exit 16B (US-60/220). Turn left at traffic signal and follow US-60/220 to their split and continue right on US-220. You'll travel up a mountain road for approximately 10 miles and as you start to descend down the other side, watch for a large parking lot on your left. This is the Falling Spring Overlook. Walking along sidewalk of the retaining wall, you can view this magnificent display. 
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