Encanto Waterfall ,Tlapacoyan ,Veracruz, Mexico

Address -: Encanto Waterfall ,Calle Sanchez Tagle 973 ,Tlapacoyan ,Veracruz 91720, Mexico

El Encanto has a beautiful charm (Encanto), its clear waters make it a must for cooling down the Veracruz heatwave. Just a few kilometers from Tlapacoyan there is a place that is known as " The Cathedral of Nature ", the " Cascada del Encanto " which is housed in the Encanto Canyon with walls of more than 200 meters high and with a wide At its narrowest point of just under 4 meters, which gives a magical touch to the place, giving a spectacular feeling of light and shadow that occur during the day.
The waterfall is formed by two falls, a small one of 2 meters high and the largest, more spectacular, of 30 meters of fall that forms a pool in which you can swim and even reach and stay in the back part of the curtain. Water.
The waterfall can only be reached using the river descent rafts.You'd never know it's there but you can swim, raft or kayak through a little (super-friendly) canyon to it and before you know it.

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