Edessa Waterfalls ,Macedonia, Greece

Address -: Edessa Waterfalls ,Pella Prefecture, Macedonia, Greece

Karanos waterfall measures 70 metres in height and is the biggest one in Greece.
Waterfalls are considered as one of the most impressive natural phenomenon around the world. Enjoy a visit to Greece’s picturesque waterfall in Edessa town which happens to be the capital of Pella. The river forming this renowned Greek waterfall is Edessaios. The city is filled with little bridges and the sound of running water will accompany your strolls around the town.
Edessa is roughly 100km west northwest of Thessaloniki in the Pella Prefecture of Macedonia in Northern Greece. It took us about 90 minutes to get there while driving along Hwy 2 for most of the way (and this included having to wait for a long time for an opportunity to pass a caravan of large trucks on a busy two-lane highway). Fortunately, there are plenty of signs within Edessa town leading you to the waterfalls so you doesn't have too much difficulty at least getting fairly close to the falls.Once you park, you have to basically walk towards a park-like area within earshot of the rushing Edessaios River. From the Tourist Office sitting within the park, you have to follow the rushing channels downstream past the cafe and ultimately towards the overlooks and walkways leading to viewpoints of Karanos (the Great Waterfall).

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