Crazy Creek Waterfalls ,British Columbia ,Canada

Address -: Crazy Creek Waterfalls ,Trans-Canada Hwy, west of Revelstoke, British Columbia ,Canada

Crazy Creek Waterfalls are located on the Trans-Canada Hwy, west of Revelstoke, British Columbia. The spectacular falls have two stages (approx. 100 feet) with a natural pool partway down.
The hot pools are open every day of the year until 8:45pm and offer drop-in rates, annual pool passes as well as senior and family rates. The three hot pools are geothermally heated and offer 2,000 sq ft of jetted water to soak in as well as a cold pool for a refreshing cold plunge.

From the hot pools reception, you may access the Gorge over the Pedestrian Overpass and up the stroller-friendly mountain trail to the Suspension Bridge (240 ft long) which spans the entire gorge where the Crazy Creek waterfalls flow under the bridge. If you choose to hike the gorge, follow the trail that takes you above the waterfalls and experience the cantilevered boardwalk and beautiful rock walls of the gorge. Cross the Suspension Bridge, visit and relax on the High Mountain Patio with refreshments from the Crazy Creek Gift Shop, right in the middle of nature.

A suspension bridge runs directly in front and boardwalks and viewing platforms surround the gorge. The attraction is easily accessible off Highway #1. To see the thundering falls, pull into our Hot Pools parking lot. Whether you have just enough time for a stretch and a coffee, or want to vacation in the Eagle Pass Valley, this is a convenient rest stop. The pedestrian highway overpass connects the Accommodation, RV Park and Hot Pools Facility with the High Mountain Patio, Waterfalls and Suspension Bridge.

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