Covel Creek Falls ,Washington ,USA

Address -: Covel Creek Falls ,Randle ,Lewis County, Washington ,USA

Covell Creek Falls is the smallest but arguably the most unique of the trifecta of major waterfalls in the Covell Creek drainage. The creek splits around a basaltic protrusion and plunges 75 feet in side-by-side streams over a deeply undercut cliff, which allows the trail to pass behind the falling water. This is the segment of waterfall through which one can pass behind on a trail. During peak snowmelt or flood periods, the falls may be expanded to a solid wall of water, but usually remain split by the rock at the crest. The Forest Service has recently installed a rope railing along the trail behind the falls, which is needed in the regard that the trail is muddy and slick, but it severely mars the scenic quality of the waterfall.
 From Randle on US 12, take SR 131 south towards Mt. St. Helens, then follow Forest Road 23 towards Trout Lake. Turn right onto FR 28, about 13 miles from Randle. Drive 2 miles to just beyond the bridge crossing Yellowjacket Creek. Here FR 28 continues straight, but becomes gravel, take this – don’t follow the pavement. Follow the gravel extension of FR 28 for about 2 miles to the Burley Mountain trailhead. The trail then climbs moderately up the hill for 1/2 mile to a junction. Keep right for another 1/2 mile to the base of the falls, a total of one mile from the road.

Best time to visit -: June until October

Location -: