Cola de Caballo Waterfall ,Spain

Address -: Cola de Caballo Waterfall ,Parque Nacional de Ordesa ,Torla ,Aragon-Huesca, Spain

Cola de Caballo waterfall is part of Parque Nacional de Ordesa and is located near Torla in the region Aragon-Huesca, Spain.
Cola de Caballo waterfall or Circo de Soasa waterfall is without a doubt one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Spain and one of the most impressive ones. The river Rio Arazas thunders down over 100 meters creating one of the best horsetail waterfalls.The Cola de Caballo Trek not circular, and ends at the spectacular waterfall that gives name to this route. During the tour, you will see a very beautiful landscape, lush forests and rushing rivers.
From Biescas drive to Torla over road N260a, take the turn to Torla and Parque Nacional de Ordesa. There is the entry of the parc where it is possible to take several hikes. We choose the easy one, along the river Arazas, to the end of the valley where Cascada Cola de Caballo is located.
From the parc entry near Torla is takes 3-4 hours to get to the end. On the road/trail to Cascada Cola de Caballo you will pass by several waterfalls that are even more beautiful then Cascada Cola de Caballo: Casada del Estrecho, Cascada de Cotatuero (from a distance), Gradas de Soasa, Cascada de Arripas and several other small or unnamed falls.

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