Bambarakanda Falls ,Badulla District ,Sri Lanka

Address -: Bambarakanda Falls ,Kalupahana - Ohiya Rd, Kalupahana ,Badulla District ,Sri Lanka

Bambarakanda Falls (also known as Bambarakele Falls) is the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. With a height of 240.792 m (790 ft), it ranks as the 299th highest waterfall in the world.Situated in Kalupahana in the Badulla District, this waterfall is 5 km away from the A4 Highway. The waterfall was formed by Kuda Oya, which is a branch of the Walawe River. The Bambarakanda Falls can be found in a forest of pine trees.

To each the waterfall, you need to travel along the Balangoda – Badulla Route ( A4 ) to Kalupahana town. This small town lies between belihul Oya and Beragala. The turn off to wards the falls is identified by a small sign board. Travel along this curvy road for about 3.5 kms where you will come to place that the fall is directly visible to your left (see map bellow). This road is very narrow, washed away and full of pot holes. A four wheel drive is recommended though a van with a high ground clearance could get there. The base of the fall is few hundred meters from the road, and no clear path is available to reach there.From Kalupahana take the road to Ohiya through Bambarakanda falls. Travel time from Kalupahana approx 30–40 min’s due to road condition.

Best time to visit -: March through May

Location -: