Baga Falls ,Mindanao ,Philippines

Address -: Baga Falls ,Baga ,Sapang Dalaga, Misamis Occidental, Mindanao ,Philippines

Sapang Dalaga Falls, locally called Baga Falls, with its scenic beauty is a kilometer from the town center and can be reached by foot or motor vehicles.
This is 60-foot waterfall used to be called “Baga Falls” because “baga” is a Visayan term from waterfalls. This majestic falls is surrounded by trees and boulders and about two kilometers from the municipality proper. Today, the area has been improved and converted into a small park. It also boasts of a man-made large catch basin where visitors can enjoy a relaxing swim and just be one with nature. There is also a gigantic statue as well as a grotto of the Virgin Mary and a foot bridge.
Sapang Dalaga is the fifth municipality of Misamis Occidental. You will be surprise that you can actually take a quick Day Tour in this place. Sapang Dalaga is very accessible if you are coming from Dapitan because it's just 1 hour via Bus away.

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