Algar Waterfalls ,Alicante, Spain

Address -: Algar Waterfalls ,Partida Algar, s/n, 03510 Callosa d'en Sarrià, Alicante, Spain

The water falls from a height of 15 meters and tumbles down into a pool which is the perfect place to dive into and have a hearty swim. Les Fonts de l'Algar also has an arboretum, which is a place to study the abundant Mediterranean vegetation.

This place can be an ideal place to have a full family picnic. Stalls selling local fruits, vegetables and other local produce are set up near the entrance. So grab your bathing suit and head down to experience a piece of heaven here in Spain.
Algar Waterfalls is A bit off the coastline, about 10 km from Altea and only 15 km from Benidorm you find the village of Callosa de’n Sarria. Just nearby lies the impressive waterfall of Algar.
The Fuentes del Algar should be on the top of your list for places to visit whilst you are around the area. Not only do they offer a sharp contrast to the normal days at the beach, but furthermore they show you a different, very quiet and even cool Spain.
Driving to Algar from Altea or Calpe drive the N-332 road to Urbanizacion Sierra Altea, where you take the CV-755 which gets you directly to Callosa d’En Sarria (which is just 2 minutes from the waterfall).
or if you come from Benidorm take the CV-715 via La Nucia and Polop gets you directly to this lovely place.
Parking is no problem. Plenty of parking lots when you enter the village of Algar. There are two different entrance to the waterfall area. One at the center of the village and another at the very end. So you can pass through Algar and parking grounds at the second entrance.
Entrance Fee or better said admission fee is around 3 Euros. Absolutely worth it, as the place is well preserved and even life guards are on duty.
Clothing: Take your bathing suit and a pair of good shoes would be useful, as the river is full of stones.
Outside the waterfall area, at the second entrance area, is an additional picnic and barbecue area. Well preserved with a little camping ground.

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