Wollomombi Falls ,New South Wales, Australia

Address -: Wollomombi Falls ,Wollomombi River ,New England region , New South Wales, Australia

The Wollomombi Falls, is a plunge waterfall on the Wollomombi River located in the New England region of New South Wales, Australia.
Located in the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park approximately 40 kilometres (25 mi) due east of Armidale and 1.45 kilometres (0.90 mi) off the Waterfall Way, the Wollomombi Falls are situated atop the Wollomombi Gorge near the confluence of the Wollomombi River with the Chandler River. The Chandler Falls are located on the Chandler River, adjacent to the Wollomombi Falls. The falls descend from an elevation of 907 metres (2,976 ft) above sea level in one drop of 100 metres (330 ft),with a total descend that ranges in height between 150–230 metres (490–750 ft) depending on the flow of the river.
Make your way to the nearby lookout and gaze over the highest waterfall in NSW. If it’s been raining, you’ll soak up more than just the scenic views as the massive gorge fills with mist and the occasional rainbow. If bushwalking is on the agenda you could try Chandler walking track or Wollomombi walking track as both tracks start from the picnic area.

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