Walupt Creek Falls ,Washington ,USA

Address -: Walupt Creek Falls ,Walupt Creek ,Lewis County ,Washington ,USA

Walupt Creek Falls is a relatively obscure, but massive waterfall on Walupt Creek, a large tributary of the Cispus River in Lewis County, Washington, at an elevation of 3,500 feet (1,100 m).The falls cascade 221 feet (67 m) down a bedrock cliff in two tiers, with an average breadth of 204 feet (62 m), a maximum breadth of 267 feet (81 m) and an average flow of over 150 cubic feet (4.2 m3) per second. The creek begins the drop by falling down a 10 feet (3.0 m) cascade, then impacts a large, bell-shaped dome and spreads into a wide fan, dropping 200 feet (61 m). The final drop is a gently sloping slide that flows directly into the Cispus River. The feeder river, Walupt Creek, is sourced directly from Walupt Lake which provides a consistent flow throughout the year. The drainage basin of the river is also fairly large .
Walupt Creek Falls is located about a mile and a half downstream of Walupt Lake, which is located about 35 miles south of Highway 12 in Randle (via FSR 23 to FSR 21 to FSR 2160, paved the whole way) or about 22 miles south of Highway 12 just west of Packwood (via FSR 21 and FSR 2160, gravel most of the way). The trick to accessing the falls is finding the right place to start. 
Best route of choice started at the Walupt Horse Camp, about 3/4 mile before reaching Walupt Lake. Across from the camp, find an old overgrown road blocked by a row of boulders. About 200 feet down this road, head left into the woods and come to Walupt Creek in about 50 feet. There are several logs to cross on in this area if you don't want to ford the creek (which probably won't be more than thigh deep at the worst). Once across, head about 50 feet into the woods then head left and simply follow the creek downstream. A little under halfway, animal paths start to become obvious along the canyon rim and just after passing Upper Walupt Creek Falls signs of human use become very pronounced. By the time the path reaches the main falls, the trail is easy to follow all the way to the bottom of the falls, a nice campsite and a rocky beach along the river to take in the views. The final descent to the bottom of the falls is quite steep. Total distance from the road via this route is just over a mile.

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