Wadsworth Big Falls ,CT, USA

Address -: Wadsworth Big Falls ,Wadsworth St, Middlesex ,Middletown, CT, USA

Two natural waterfalls lie within easy reach by park trails: the Big Falls,on the Coginchaug River, and the Little Falls,on Wadsworth Brook. The larger of the two, Wadsworth Big Falls, drops the 52-foot breadth of the Coginchaug River some 30 feet (9.1 m) over a shelf of Hampden basalt.Wadsworth Little Falls is found along Wadsworth Brook and descends approximately 40 feet (12 m) over an outcrop of sandstone known as Portland arkose.
Wadsworth Falls State Park was created through the generosity of Rockfall and its founder,Clarence S. Wadsworth, who owned the 267 acres of land as part of his holdings that included Long Hill Estate.  According to his wishes, this  land, the “Rockfall Tract of Great Falls Region,” was donated to the state of CT shortly after Wadsworth’s death in 1942.  Rockfall is named after the beloved rock falls in the park.
As part of the Wadsworth legacy properties, the park is an integral site for Rockfall’s ongoing environmental education programs and grants. The foundation sponsors family hikes each year in the park as part of the state-wide CT Trails Day celebrations. Rockfall also promotes the value of the park as an outdoor learning center for schools, summer camps and youth groups.

Best time to visit -: March - October

Location -: