Tribulation Falls ,Washington ,USA

Address -: Tribulation Falls ,Skamania County, Washington ,USA

The falls begin by cascading 56 feet over a shallow incline as the creek spreads out to about one hundred feet in breadth across a shelf of volcanic bedrock. The sliding portion of the falls terminates at a huge amphitheater cliff where the creek pours 221 feet over a convex ledge and splits into several channels - the majority of the volume plunging off an almost undercut lip and then skipping down into a crevice in the cliff, while about one-third of the creek slides sideways to a slightly lower ledge, then veils out over a huge bulbous extension of the cliff in a parallel stream with a small island of trees growing in the middle, the breadth of the falls stretching to as much as 250 feet in all. 
Take Interstate 5 to the town of Woodland, and exit onto Highway 503 heading east. Follow 503 east past the town of Cougar and the Swift Reservoir, then turn south onto Forest Service Road 90 (signed for Carson and Upper Lewis River), just passed the Pine Creek Ranger Station. Follow Road 90 for 4-1/2 miles, then turn right onto Curly Creek Road (again, signed for Carson) and continue another 5 miles to the intersection. Turn left onto Meadow Creek Road (heading right the road becomes Wind River Road), and go 2.7 miles to the end of the pavement at the Lone Butte Sno Park, then bear left onto Forest Service Road 32. Proceed another 2 miles along Road 32 then turn right onto Road 3220 and go another 4.5 miles and watch for an obvious pullout on the left (just under three-quarters of a mile after crossing Big Creek). This marks the start of the extremely steep trail which drops down into the canyon, losing almost 800 feet in under half of a mile. The trail terminates at a nice swimming hole marked by a sign nailed to a tree denoting the creek. In order to reach the falls, it's necessary to scramble up the creek for another half mile. 

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