Tawhai Falls ,Whakapapa Village ,New Zealand

Address -: Tawhai Falls ,Whakapapa village ,Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand

Tawhai Falls is a 13 metre high waterfall located in Tongariro National Park.
An easy walk takes just 10-15 minutes to reach the waterfall's lookout with natural stone Trolls (exactly as described in the 'Hobbit')
Tawhai Falls is also the filming location of Gollum’s pool where Faramir and his archers are watching Gollum fish. 
Tawhai Falls is roughly a 10 minutes' drive away from National Park Village or 1.5 hours from Taupo. The road surface is always sealed.
From National Park Village head east on the SH-47 for 9 km, then turn right onto SH-48 and stay on it for the next 2.5 km. A small well-signposted car park is on your left. There are no facilities there.
An easy Tawhai Falls walk starts from the parking and leads you to the waterfall's lookout platform, then to the waterfall's base. Rocks formation at the base of falls looks like Trolls from Hobbit (please refer to the Gallery). The track is well-maintained but has some stairs at the end, so not suitable for wheelchairs. It takes 10 minutes to reach the falls. Return via the same track.

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