Stigfossen Waterfall ,Rauma, Norway

Address -: Stigfossen Waterfall  ,Rauma, More og Romsdal, Norway

Stigfossen is a waterfall in the river Istra at Trollstigen in Rauma municipality in Møre og Romsdal . Norwegian County Road 63 runs in the bridge over the falls. It is located just off Trollfossen , which is somewhat higher, but with less water flow than Stigfossen.
Stigfossen is an unregulated and powerful waterfall with a total height of 240 meter, from which 180 meter is almost a single drop. The river Istra is being fed with melted snow and ice from the Meiadalen. When driving through the valley you see a lot of water falling down of the mountains. There are several small glaciers and mountaintops of 1.500 meter or higher. A lot of this water ends in two lakes called Bispesvatnet and Alnesvatnet that are the major suppliers for the quit respectable volume of Stigfossen.

Best time to visit -: May -Oct.

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