Steavenson Falls ,Victoria, Australia

Address -: Steavenson Falls ,Steavenson River ,Falls Road ,Southeast of Marysville, Victoria, Australia

Steavenson Falls, a waterfall on the Steavenson River, is located 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) southeast of Marysville, Victoria, Australia. The falls are one of the tallest in Victoria, with five cascades, a total descent of 122 metres (400 ft), the last having a clear drop of more than 21 metres (69 ft).
Despite being among the areas damaged in Victoria’s 2009 bushfires, the area remains one of the region’s most scenic natural reserves, surrounded by the looming peaks of the Yarra Ranges, ancient woodlands and lush pockets of rainforest. 
Most visitors to the falls follow the short trail to the viewing platform beneath the falls, but there are also ample options for hiking and bird watching in the surrounding countryside. The most atmospheric time to visit is in the evening hours before midnight, when the falls are dramatically floodlit.

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