Socoa Waterfall ,Monte Plata ,Dominican Republic

Address -: Socoa Waterfall  ,Sabana Grande de Boyá ,Monte Plata ,Dominican Republic

Jade-colored waters at the base of a 60-foot-high plunge.The beauty of the Salto Socoa is beyond imagination. It is a cascade that ends in a natural spa very appreciated by tourists; but the place’s beauty is not only in its waterfall and ponds, but it is also in its setting: the wild tropical jungle that surrounds it.The landscape is dotted with many small natural pools, which makes it easy for you to find your favorite spot to relax with the sound of the splashing water. There is even a camp site with the opportunity to spend the night on a hillside, drifting off to sleep to the sound of the waterfall.
The Salto Socoa is located on the highway heading from Santo Domingo to Samaná. After passing the second toll station, you will find a sign telling you to take the next exit to the right. From here just follow the road for a few minutes until reaching the small parking lot.Don't be deterred by the tough conditions of the beginning of the road. It's steep and rocky.

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