Sawmill Falls ,Mill City, OR ,USA

Addresss -: Sawmill Falls ,Opal Creek Trail ,Mill City, OR ,USA

Sawmill falls is of nine meters in height, that give in a natural swimming pool of greenish water. Other trails reveal more natural pools and diverse beauties for the adventurers in this nature reserve.
On I-5 exit onto Hwy 22 and head east towards Stayton .In 22 miles - at second yellow light just east of Mehama - turn left onto North Fork Road SE. After 15.1 miles of pavement road turns to gravel
After 1.3 miles of gravel the road forks at a sign .Bear left at the fork where the sign points to Jawbone Flats (you'll pass by the path to Henline Falls in 0.2 miles). After 7 miles the road ends at a gate. You'll need a Northwest Forest Pass available at the gate (sporting goods stores also sell yearly passes). About a quarter mile you will cross a bridge over Gold Creek. To the left is Gold Creek Falls.
About two miles down the path there will be a dilapidated building off to the right. This is Merten Mill. Find a path on the right of the building.This will lead down to Sawmill Falls.

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