Rush Creek Falls ,Washington ,USA

Address -: Rush Creek Falls , Rush Creek, Washington, NJ, USA

As Rush Creek flows off this plateau toward the Lewis River it cuts a significant canyon, and in the process plunges over this thunderous 208 foot tall waterfall, first in a very scenic 181-foot tall veiling type horsetail drop, and then followed up by a 27-foot plunge a short distance downstream. Due to the large volume of the creek, the falls throw up a considerable cloud of spray at almost all times of year, ensuring the surrounding canyon walls and slopes are thoroughly saturated with both moisture and moss.
There are two viable approaches to Rush Creek Falls; neither easy. The shorter approach is to start from NFR 3211 directly north of the falls, and descend straight down into the canyon - a descent of nearly 800 vertical feet. The final 300 feet of this drop are exceedingly steep, and it's easy to get cliffed out near the falls (go downstream if in doubt). The longer approach involves much less elevation change, but requires hiking 3-1/2 miles along the decommissioned Curly Creek Road, and then bushwhacking into the canyon from the formerly primary access point at an old gravel pit. Specific directions will not be provided due to the hazards involved with visiting this waterfall.

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