Pulosari Waterfall ,Krebet, Indonesia

Address -: Pulosari Waterfall ,Krebet, Sendangsari, Pajangan, Sendangsari, Bantul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Curug Pulosari is located in Krebet Tourism Village, which is administratively located in Pajangan District, Bantul District. Height of the fall is 5-7 m .You can be satisfied to play or bathe under the flow of rapids that are not too tight.
In Jogja (Take the left side of Rutan Pajangan) - T-junction of Rutan Pajangan (take the right) - Beji Elementary School (to the west) - Crossroads of Beji (to the west) take the right direction of Krebet Tourism Village) - Straight up to the Krebet Castle Village - Take a left into the alleyway (before the gate of Krebet tourist village) - See Pulosari Junction Board. 
Distance of about 20 km from downtown Yogyakarta. Access road to the waterfall is quite good and has been paved, but there are some roads damaged and muddy. With the geographical condition to curug is quite steep and steep, Curug Pulosari can be reached easily using two-wheeled vehicles.For you who use the car must be careful and for the bus can not get to the tourist area because the road to be passed is quite difficult to be reached by large vehicles. Curug Pulosari, is actually a waterfall whose water is sourced from natural river water stream in the hilly area around the location.
Best time to visit -: After Rain
Location -: