Pjofafoss ,South region ,Iceland

Address -: Pjofafoss ,River Pjorsa ,Near Stori Nupur ,South region , Iceland

Pjofafoss (Thjofafoss) is located on the river Þjórsá on the east side of the Merkurhraun lava fields in the south of Iceland, at the southwest tip of the hill Búrfell. 
Þjófafoss is one of the major waterfalls of the Þjórsá, the longest river in Iceland. The falls are set within a modest canyon etched into an otherwise flat volcanic plain with the lone plateau-like mountain Bürfell rising up behind the falls. The falls drop 38 feet over a horseshoe shaped ledge in the canyon, averaging about 170 feet in width during normal flow and up to as much as 270 feet wide during heavy flow.
The drive from Reykjavík to Þjófafoss is about 90 minutes (120km). Someone would feel like the waterfall is in the middle of nowhere but if you are travelling in the south part of Iceland it is worth the detour.
From Reykjavik: Ring Road nr. 1 heading east. After the town Selfoss drive for about 27 km and then turn left on Landvegur Road nr. 26. Drive approximately 45 km and then you will see a sign for Þjófafoss waterfall on your left side. From there it is about 4 km drive on a gravel road to the waterfall, a 4X4 vehicle is recommended for that road. 
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