Phu Cuong Waterfall ,Gia Lai ,Vietnam

Address -: Phu Cuong Waterfall ,Phu Cuong quarry ,Dun commune, Chu Se District ,Gia Lai ,Vietnam

Phu Cuong Waterfall is located in Phu Cuong quarry of Dun commune, Chu Se District and 45km south-east from Pleiku; the 45m-height waterfall has a nice and airy atmosphere, which cannot be skipped when the tourists come to this mountainous city.
Phu Cuong Waterfall flows on the lava foundation of an erupted volcano. In order to get to this impressive place, tourists need to pass a long staircase system which is firmly built from steel. There are hundreds of imbricated batch-stone forming different shapes, the sound blending of the waterfall and the birds on century-old trees makes the scenery even more poetical.
Another phenomenon about this place is the regular occurrence of the rainbow. When the sunrays go through the steam, the rainbow will appear so impressively that the tourists are full of admiration;therefore don’t forget to bring a camera with you to save such beautiful moments.
To Reach Phu Cuong Waterfall  From Pleiku, ride south on QL14 (same road to Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak) for 35 kilometres to Chu Se. At the fork in the middle of Chu Se, veer left to travel on QL25 and after about 6.5 kilometres, look for a narrow paved side road on the left hand side with a sign for a monastery “Tinh Xa Phu Cuong”. Head down this road, veering left, passing terraced rice paddies along the way until you reach a gate – rouse the sleeping gate keeper to give him 10,000 dong – and continue to a sort of bridge flanked by old, damaged rest huts. The stairs are a bit hidden on the left hand side. It is suggested you to wear decent footwear as you’ll have to navigate over rocks and boulders that can be scorching hot in the sun.

Best time to visit -: Rainy  Season
Location -: