Orinduik Falls, Guyana ,South America

Address -: Orinduik Falls ,Ireng River, Potaro-Siparuni Region, Guyana, South America
The Orinduik Falls lie on the Ireng River, a highland river that thunders over steps and terraces of red jasperon the border of Guyana and Brazil before merging with the Takutu River and into Brazil to join the Amazon River.
The falls are situated amid the rolling, grass-covered hills of the Pakaraima Mountains. Orinduik Falls is a wide, multi-tiered series of cascades making it an ideal waterfall for swimming. Waterfall is approximately 25 m tall and more than 150 m wide.
It’s name is derived from the Amerindian (Patamona) word, Orin, which is the name of an aquatic plant found in these falls.  The Ireng River forms the border between Brazil and Guyana.  In contrast to Kaieteur, Orinduik is ideally suited for swimming and you will find natural Jacuzzi’s as the falls tumble down the steps of Jasper.
There are other waterfalls on Ireng River, including the approximately 100 m tall Kurutuik Falls located more than 40 km to the north, but due to hard accessibility these falls are rarely visited.

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